There are more than 70 career pathways in the construction industry – and all of them can be accessed via Hutchies. We are regularly looking for talented individuals to come and join the Citi-build family, from trainees and apprentices, through to team leaders and managers.

When you join the Citi-build, you get the advantage of all the great things that come with a tight-knit team culture, together with the training, support and career opportunities that only a large organisation can offer. The development possibilities at Citi-build are virtually endless. We celebrate entrepreneurial spirit and innovation and we’re committed to empowerment and autonomy for our people. If you’ve got the drive, we’ll take you places.

If you have the passion to achieve success, always challenging yourself to push harder and do better; if you lead from the front and are not afraid to make courageous decisions; if you believe in blazing new trails through innovation and ingenuity; Citi-build will give you the opportunities you’re seeking, to stretch yourself and achieve your goals. Over 40 years, we’ve created many structures – and built innumerable careers.

If working in construction is more than just a job to you, come and join us. Build a career with Citi-build. Send your details to [email protected]

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